Beautiful Chaos made her mark on the breed in the UK with a VA grading at the 2010 UK Sieger in the year where she also topped the overall female ‘pointscore’.


She was unbeaten in Belgium attending 3 Championship shows and winning 3 CACIBs, maternal duties meaning she was too busy to try for number 4 to secure her ‘International Ch’ title.


Chaos retired in style at the 2015 UK National winning the Veteran Bitch class and Best Veteran in Show under Herr Stiegler (SV).


Her top daughter ‘Immy’ has followed in her pawsteps gaining her UK title and winning multiple CCs in her decorated career.  


From her last UK litter ‘Nanii’ is already a multiple VP1 winner in her puppy classes.




VA, Sch2, Kkl, lbz, HD A’normal, ED normal

Top Winning GSD Bitch 2010, Res UK Siegerin 2010, 3 CC's, 2 RCC's, 3 CACIB's, 2 BOB's

cindehof ped
CAKE 1115
chaos hold

V Yenno vom


V Veneze Ada

VA4 Betty vom Hühnegrab

VA3 Orbit vom Hühnegrab

VA1 Larus von Batu

V CH (UK) Flexy vom Hühnegrab

VA1 Yasko v Farbenspiel

V Jitta von Batu

V7 Kimbo v Mönchberg

VA Brigitt v Hühnegrab

VA1 Yasko v Farbenspiel

V Pirie v Haus Dexel

Esko v Dänischen Hof

V Kimba v Hühnegrab


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